For extracting keywords from autocomplete, I recommend using a tool like Ubersuggest You can now access some of the blog posts from the top ten results related to the topic you’re researching. Since we’re thinking Mexico Phone Number internet marketing topics, check out some blog posts on this topic and find out what keywords they’re targeting. You can find out about this by looking at the post’s meta tags and content. In addition, you can visit Facebook groups, forums, Google+ communities to see what people are talking about in Internet marketing.

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You can also choose some terms from it. Try to get keywords from posts that have some level of engagement in terms of likes, comments, etc. Also try Buzzsumo to find popular posts in your niche Find out the search volume Mexico Phone Number you have a ton of keywords related to the topic you’re researching. Time to find out the search volume for these keywords. You can visit Google Keyword Planner to see search volume. I entered a few keywords and it showed their search volume Blog SEOimg3 The Complete Guide to Blog SEO!

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And, the best thing about this tool is that, in addition to seed keywords, it displays a list of related keywords and their searches. Blog SEOimg4 The Complete Guide to Blog SEO! Now, based on topic and keyword Mexico Phone Number 3-4 relevant keywords. Analyze the competition: Now that you have the most searched keywords around your topic, the next step is to analyze the competition you can find using the Long Tail Pro Keyword tool . There’s a column Keyword Competitiveness that tells you how competitive a particular keyword is.

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