The value you create for readers far outweighs the Australian Email Address name of your blog when first launching.” CLICK TO TWEET Consider the company Apple. People don’t spend billions of dollars each year on Apple products just because they love the name. People buy Apple because they love their products and believe that they have original Australian Email Address intuitive ideas that beat their competition. Today, many people do love the name Apple, but it was their ingenuity, branding, and marketing that made the company what it is. Despite this truth, your blog name is going to be the first thing people see in search results—and today’s Australian Email Address recent blogging statistics show that your name does matter.Your blog’s name (and domain you choose) will tell people something about you and your blog, so you want to make a strong first impression.

Final pointers on how to name a blog.

If you’re you’re ready to start your blog, but can’t Australian Email Address commit to a name, then start right here with my quick tips for how to name a blog, first. On the other hand, if you already have a few ideas about what you’d like to name your Australian Email Address blog, then you can check whether or not your dream blog name is available using this quick search tool: Check if your (dream) blog name is available: Search for an available domain name: Check for available blog names… SEARCH DOMAINS If you’re still searching for the right blog Australian Email Address name, then let’s keep moving in our blog naming guide. Blog naming ideas (quick tips & easy techniques) If trying to figure out how to come up with a blog name makes you feel like you’re stranded in a desert—take a deep breath and relax.

Genius Blog Name Ideas & Examples.

Blogger Working on Planning From Coffee Shop Australian Email Address Ryan Robinson We’re going to start with some very helpful (quick) ways to help get your creative thinking warmed up, so you can come up with the right name for your blog today. 1. Australian Email Address Read a book (or article) to uncover a clever blog name Did you know that reading can open your mind and improve your imagination in fascinating ways? Your perfect blog name may just be hiding away inside your favorite book, or even one of my free blogging books. It might be a Australian Email Address word or a phrase that catches your attention a few pages in. Or more often than not, the simple act of reading something you’re interested in—might just open your mind into thinking outside the box for a bit.

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