Wasting time is not a luxury I have. It took me two years of spinning my wheels before I figured out how to stop procrastinating and become more productive. Now, I’ve finally launched my side business, and it is growing every day, getting my family and I closer and closer to financial freedom. Egypt WhatsApp Number List Here’s how my side hustle, and how you can do it too. Do You Procrastinate? Well, It’s Not Your Fault. It turns out it’s not your fault (phew!). Your brain is programmed to procrastinate according to this study at UCLA. It says that you tend to struggle with tasks that take a long time in the hope of some future reward. Moreover, according to the Egypt WhatsApp Number List Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience your brain hates this so much that it will actively fight you every step of the way. The best tool your brain has to win this battle is called “procrastination.

 Don’t Be a One-Trick Pony.

Instead, your brain would much rather do things Egypt WhatsApp Number List that takes little time to accomplish, giving you an immediate reward. “Procrastination is natural. But here’s how to trick your brain into beating it.” CLICK TO TWEET Checking email, seeing who followed you on Twitter, and looking at that new video your “friend” Egypt WhatsApp Number List posted on Facebook. It’s fast, easy, and immediately rewarding. Your brain loves this and craves more of it. Fighting your brain’s hardwired approach is not the winning strategy.  Top Secret Anti-Procrastination Hack.

 Be Brutally Honest With Yourself.

The strength that they eventually outperformed Egypt WhatsApp Number List American automakers in the 1980s. But how? By using something the Japanese call Kaizen, or continuous improvement. Instead of trying to make big radical changes in a short amount of time, they made small improvements every day that gradually lead to the Egypt WhatsApp Number List change they wanted. Kaizen is a brilliant hack for your productivity.

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