Marketing and advertising are some of the most powerful weapons that companies and brands have to reach their consumers. But in this race there are those who often stay a little on the side. They are small and medium-sized companies. Not a few managers of smes end up thinking (and making decisions based on it) that marketing and advertising are not for them . When talking about ads, for example. They usually talk about million-dollar campaigns, or first-rate claims. Which ends up making these professionals feel that they are playing in leagues in which they cannot compete. With this they forget that, in reality, marketing and advertising have many levels and that each. Brand and each company have to play with the one that best fits them.

Today’s Consumers Are Tech-savvy and Have Access to a Wide Variety

Access to abundant customer data collected across multiple touchpoints. This means companies have never had so much insight into their customers’ behavior, wants, and needs. But data only has value if it can be Bahamas WhatsApp Number Database collected and interpreted correctly and used to fuel personalized offers. Which can drive engagement and drive loyalty. According to Eduardo Esparza, country manager of Affinion Spain. “The rise of intelligent data-driven marketing has allowed brands to communicate with theirs. Customers use relevant and engaging messages at opportune moments. Which are more likely to generate conversion and interest than the old ones.” generic email messages.

Preparing for the Future of Customer Engagement the Loyalty

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The real effect is that customers become brand ambassadors. On social media using and share the different hashtags through their own channels, maximizing brand reach. This level of promoting your own customers is invaluable in the age of p2p communities. Which allows companies to build a valuable relationship with their customers. “It is no longer enough to know the customer’s birthday. The next stage for consumer participation is to know the ages of their children, their favorite sports teams. Where they like to go on vacation, how active they are on social networks,” says the Affinion country manager.

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