Everyone wants to retain customers and to achieve this they use various attractions that they believe are infallible. Such as loyalty programs with prizes and incentives, offers, or promotions. But these assumptions can be dangerous for the profitability of the business. And inefficient to obtain what is sought if the client is not perfectly known. And for that, a previous work of analysis and interpretation of a large amount of data is required. Everyone generally thinks they know who their customers are. But they can’t find a connection between the data they’ve collected about them and the behavior those customers actually have. Hence we see huge business failures. It is not just a calculation error. It is about not being able to establish the relationship between information and results.

Behavior Patterns Until Recently Were Massive

Given such a stimulus such a reaction. But things changed. Nothing belongs to the great masses anymore. Now everything happens through the individual and his circumstances. And if we talk about the Mozambique B2B List business we will put it in these terms. It is about the relationship of each particular client with your brand in a certain context. What makes two clients with the same level of income, education, and corporate career profile. Choose to spend their vacations in places as different as the best hotel on the most luxurious. Beach in Europe, or doing low-cost ecotourism in the most inhospitable of your own country? Clearly, the difference is made by lifestyle, values, ​​and personal and family tastes. We are in the age of customization.

Every Time the Phone Rings and a Voice on the Other End Offers

Mozambique B2B List

Qualitative information about consumption habits flows towards credit cards, banks, supermarkets. E-commerce sites and social networks. But until now there is little connection between them and with the rest of the service companies. So there is a lot to grow in the business. This disconnection is applicable to the shopping experience in the store and the interaction experience in digital media.

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