It may be that our elections are long overdue and that. How Donald trump managed to rise to power is no longer breaking news and breaking analysis material. However, our elections remain newsworthy and continue. To be an issue that is generating much analysis and research. Especially as it is discovered how certain elements have had or could have had a greater impact on the results achieved. And, among those elements, is an online advertising and the work done by trolls and somewhat questionable players. If at first, our elections were seen as a clear example of the power of the ‘echo chambers. The echo chambers generated by social networks now could also be seen as an example of power. That advertising can have to change the opinion of those who receive its impact.

Facebook Has Become the Scenario That Everyone Observes After

it was discovered that, during the last elections, ads had been bought from Russia for political purposes. A network of trolls linked, according to the us media. To the kremlin bought thousands of ads on facebook to position messages with which they wanted to impact public opinion. A subsequent investigation showed that the announcements had been aimed. Above all, at what is known Algeria WhatsApp Number List as key states. Those in which things are not very clear and in which their vote becomes the key to the final results in the country. The content of the messages was also polarizing. The scandal no longer affects only facebook. Twitter has been dragged, although with less noise in the media. To the same scenario and google has also just been affected by the situation.

The Search Engine Has Found Evidence for the First Time

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In addition, and this may be one of the most interesting facts of the latest discovery. The curious thing is that, according to the preliminary data available. Those who have bought these ads have not been the same agents who bought the ones that were served on facebook. In the case of facebook. Behind the campaign was a network of trolls, a ‘troll farm’, which had already been responsible for disinformation. Campaigns on social networks in the past (according to data from the new york times when the scandal broke. They had come to have up to 600 people working on positioning those messages).

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