By creating a video on the same topic and embedding it into my blog post, not only do I lower the overall bounce rate but I’m also able to increase the site duration time too. Mexico Phone Number List 49. “The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.” – Jason Calacanis, This Week in Startups The most important thing to remember is that the success of your blog business will be determined entirely by the relationship you have with Mexico Phone Number List your audience. Earning your reader’s trust can take time. It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to immediately trust you from the very start and that you’re probably not going to win someone over with a single blog post.

Clearly Communicate Your Value Proposition

Which is why every piece of content you. Mexico Phone Number List publish should be viewed as an important asset for engaging your audience. 50. “Being successful at blogging requires you to get outside of your comfort zone.” – Nathan Mexico Phone Number List Barry, ConvertKitNathan Barry’s Best Blogging Advice ConvertKit When growing your blog you’re going to have to put yourself outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. It Mexico Phone Number List might be a fear of sending cold emails or some anxiety over keeping a regular publishing schedule, but the only way you’re going to get results is if you take action.

Curate the Hero Section of Your About Me Page

Focus on creating the best content first. Mexico Phone Number List and leave the conversion rate optimization later. Max Benz, Banking Geek When you’re starting out. You need content… a lot of it. It’ll add credibility to your blog, and will ensure that people. Have somewhere else to go when they’re done reading an article. Plus, the more Mexico Phone Number List content you have. The more keywords you’ll rank for and the more organic traffic you’ll generate. But instead of purely focusing on writing as much content as possible and sacrificing quality in the process,

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