creating content that will resonate with your audience. In a saturated, competitive online space, chances are there’s a blog that already exists in your subject matter of choice—that’s why it’s important to narrow your content focus. Liberia Email List For example, if you want to write about vegan cuisine, you can focus on looking for a blog that caters toward newly-transitioned vegans with step-by-step recipes for the average Liberia Email List beginner. Once you’ve decided on a particular blog you’re considering as the acquisition target, having a strong blog strategy will allow you to expand the reach of your new blog after purchasing it. 2. Check for Original Content So, you’ve narrowed down what niche you want to explore.

 How To Get Listeners To Your Podcast.

Before making the jump to purchasing a blog, Liberia Email List you want to run a plagiarism check to ensure that all content on the website is original and unique to the site. A website like Copyscape allows you to search the web for the originality of content and any existing duplicates. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker Tool (Screenshot of Duplicate Content Research When Buying a Blog) You may come across similar existing content on the web, which Liberia Email List may not necessarily be a cause for concern. However, taking the time (before buying a blog) to do this research will show you just how saturated the blog’s niche may be—and why you should focus your acquisition sights on a blog that has original content, rather than a ton of repurposed stuff that won’t serve your goals very well. 3.

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Understand Business Operations of the. Liberia Email List Blog You’re Buying Chances are, you may live. Thousands of miles away from the blog seller. Meet With a Blog Seller Before Purchasing a Blog (Photo of Virtual Meeting). If possible, meet with the current owner (virtually or in-person). Ask questions, and gain insight on everything you need to know. Understandably, meeting the blog seller may not be an option, which is fine. If you’re using a website like to buy a blog. You’re able to see chat forums associated with a particular listing. Liberia Email List Read through these discussion boards or ask your questions. Understand what the blog needs to thoroughly support it.

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