Mixer If you’re using an XLR model of microphone, you’ll also needs a mixer. A mixer is non-essential to the podcasting process. If you have a USB mic, but it can be a real benefit. To your podcast sound if you want to upgrade. It gives you more control over your audio recordings. Suppose you’re interviewing a couple of guests for your Mongolia Email List podcast. One may speak loudly, while the other may be more soft-spoken. Mongolia Email List In this case, you can control the volume of the recordings for both by amplifying the quiet speaker and. Mongolia Email List softening the voice of the louder guest. Inline enhancements, backup for recordings, and the ability to do live productions with additional sound effects are additional uses for a mixer.

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4. Choose Recording and Editing Software Mongolia Email List Recording and editing your audio is an essential part of launching a podcast. The editing portion of podcasting can be a very time-consuming process. With that in mind, be sure to choose one that is user-friendly and capable enough to do what you need. I’ve included a short round-up of Mongolia Email List some of the best editing and recording software — both free and premium programs. GarageBand for Mac (Tool for Recording and Editing Your Podcast Episodes) GarageBand is extremely popular with Mac users. If you have a Mac, you can download the DAW (digital audio workstation) for free, which is a huge bonus. Garageband is easy to use, and is a handy editor, especially for beginning podcasters.

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With Garageband, you can use a multitrack audio Mongolia Email List editor to create your podcasts. Like WordPress, some plugins are available for Garageband to give you more options. Screenshot of GarageBand Audio Editing for a Podcast Garageband rarely crashes and the learning curve is small compared to some other platforms. Additional features with Garageband include: Complete sound library Create music without a Mongolia Email List instrument Audio effect plugins Compression Visual EQ Some downsides to Garageband is, it’s only available to

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