Many times we find it hard to understand that someone can, in the world we live in, doubt the power of the internet. The Internet is everywhere and has also become the element where we all end up when looking for information, when we want entertainment or when we are researching what product we want to buy. So how can anyone doubt the power and benefits of the Internet for business? The number of Internet users continues to grow, connection speeds are increasing and the number of devices connected to the network is growing at the same time.

The Network Has Become a Kind of Revolution

So why are there still company leaders who continue to doubt the power of the internet? Why do managers continue to exist who ignore the power of the network and put it at the lowest point of their list of priorities or simply consider it one more point within the curiosities, almost as important as making lighters and ballpoint pens could be? merchandise? The Samoa B2B List truth is that, although we would like to think that these figures are something residual, many are the poor workers who have to face company managers who are still not very clear about the power of the network or who are convinced (wrongly) that their company does not need to position itself in the online world. This is not only a mistake but also a real nightmare for the worker who has to navigate these waters.

The Internet Is Not Just a Place Where Teenagers Waste Their Time

Samoa B2B List

It may seem like a platitude and a somewhat poor argument to bring up in a conversation. But the truth is that here there are no grays but blacks and whites. Either you are or you are not. And either you are in the 21st century or you are not. Brands have to be on the internet because consumers are there and also because that is where consumers expect you to be. In case reality does not work as an element to convince. You can always use the numbers. According to the latest sociodemographic profile of the internet user prepared by red. Es, 29,528,064 people connect to the internet in spain, which is a figure that exceeds the average for the population of spain. And the figures are not high but are also constantly increasing. The numbers for 2014 (the latest available) are 10% higher than those for 2013.

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