Daddy Finger is one of those videos that accumulates millions of views on YouTube. Exactly, or at least as these words are being written, 30,503,250. There are many reproductions and many viewings, which are accompanied by a few enthusiastic comments. However, it is not content for everyone. Its simple images and repetitive music can be quite overwhelming and heavy. If this happens, it is because, surely, one is not the right audience for this content. It is likely that if you are more than four years old. The ditty will have the same effect on the listener as if they were drilling into their brain. What is quite clear is that the song would not have appeared among the videos to watch. If I had not searched for it and that youtube would never have recommended it to me in the first place.

A Term That Is Difficult to Translate Into Spanish

And it is that the content is one of those that has its public and its enthusiastic public, something that YouTube knows very well. It is one of those videos for what is called toddlers in English, a term Belize WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists that is difficult to translate into Spanish. One could choose to speak of small children or preschoolers, but the truth is that the term defines an exact moment of childhood (between 1 and 3/4 years). It’s a time in life where YouTube has found, perhaps surprisingly, a dedicated audience. The truth is that it is not necessary to have children, not even children of that age, to see it. You just have to sit in a restaurant on any given day and see what the families do.

If a Few Years Ago Everyone Seemed to Be Tearing Their Hair

From the outset, it could be said that the algorithm creates content bubbles. Children are watching over and over again the same type of content and content that is boringly similar and they do it because that is what the platform serves them. If a topic catches on, that topic will become the trend. For example, now that Paw Patrol is causing a sensation, it has become a trend and the algorithm prioritizes it. But this is not the only point: as content creators see that something works, the idea is exploited ad nauseam. This happens, for example, with the videos that analyze the results of surprise eggs, with their somewhat homemade look and feel . The creators have seen that it succeeds and have entered the sack with it.

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