One of the favorite topics of studies on online advertising and the perception that consumers have of it is to analyze. How the different factors impact the vision of it. That is, how elements such as the position that those ads occupy or the context in which. The user is in can make ads on the internet look different than they would in a different context. But the truth is that the range of issues that can have a direct impact on them goes far beyond those elements. In fact, for example, an element as uncontrollable as the weather has a direct impact on how ads are received. A Google study pointed out that when it rains we are more receptive to online ads. It’s not just that we see them more, but we visit them more. When the weather is bad, clicks on online advertising grow by 5%.

The truth is that these are not the only elements that

The data has been unraveled by a study by yahoo. Which has started from the information obtained in several in-depth interviews with consumers. In related surveys, and in the data that the use of a specific app has shown to Buy El Salvador WhatsApp Numbers measure this reality. The general conclusions can be summed up in a single element. Brands and companies have to find the moment in which their consumers are most positive, or in the best mood. Because that is the window in which they will best receive their advertising. As one of those responsible for the study points out and as warc collects. The idea of ​​uniting mood and advertising may seem somewhat obvious. That is, one expects from the outset that a message will work better when the receiver is in a good mood.

Good Humor in Figures Thus the Study Determined

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The percentages make it clear. When in a good mood, consumers are 24% more receptive to content in general, 40% more receptive to digital ads, and 30% more likely to act and react to native video content. The data also makes it clear that mood impacts other areas of brand strategy. Good humor makes you 28% more receptive to connecting with content marketing and 21% more receptive to direct marketing. Brands and companies must not only monitor the mood of their consumers but also integrate this reality into what they are doing or saying.

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