In a conversation a few years ago about communication strategy someone made a statement. What journalists like the most are studies, he pointed out, which would make a press release based on. That content was much more successful than a much more general one or one that simply gave. What the company wanted to say. And, from the press side, one could say that there is a lot of truth in all of this. The statements of a manager or the press release that state that such a company does this or bets on it seems. On their own, a rather bland content ends up in the recycling bin. Not even in the depths of august and the informative wasteland of not having. News is content that is attractive at first glance.

The Study Has an Attractive Point That Other Types of Corporate

The study has an attractive point that other types of corporate information released by companies do not have. It has a certain scientific air and generates that perception of truth. When talking about a study. It is assumed that Eritrea B2B List what is being shared and what is being pointed out will not be an invention of someone in. The communication department or simply brand spam, but rather. It will be an unquestionable truth with scientific rigor. It’s a studio. And yes, sometimes what they are selling and pointing out has. A lot of scientific rigor and has a team of solvent experts behind it. It is a study that has involved a lot of personnel, that has started from. A solid statistical sample or that has reached conclusions in an objective and reliable way.

Make the Studio Say What You Want It to Say

Eritrea B2B List

You only have to read the small print of the study (although many do not even include it) in which it is explained how the research has been carried out and how the sample has been made to understand that the information is not really representative and that the data has rather questionable origins. In fact, a few years ago, there was a time when there was a kind of bubble of polls done on Twitter or in a media voting system. The conclusions were simply from those who had voted, but the votes were not marked by a previous representative segmentation.

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