If there is, then the link is worth significantly less from an SEO perspective. 64. IG: Instagram. You know, the one all the cool kids are on these days. 65. FB: Facebook. You know, the one all the parents and grandparents are on these days. 66. WOMM: Word of Mouth Marketing. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List  With minuscule investment and high rates of return, this business slang term is short for what can be the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List golden ticket in marketing. When a customer tells their friend they loved your product and recommend it to them, and they tell their friends, that’s the ideal way for a product to take off—without spending a dime on advertising. 67. Collab: Collaboration. This makes the rounds on blogs a lot, where people will collaborate on a project together and feature it on their websites.

Stop Delaying Your Success, And Start Now.

Retweet. Twitter! Remember that thing? Retweeting Cameroon WhatsApp Number List someone’s tweet means you liked the content and wanted to share it with all 17 of your Twitter followers too. 69. TBT: Throwback Thursday. This one happens mostly on sites that support hashtags, like Instagram, with #throwbackthursday and #tbt. Sometimes brands jump on this business slang term to try and get in on the hashtag fun (usually with Cameroon WhatsApp Number List mixed results). A throwback Thursday post is a post of something that happened at some point in the past, usually months or years ago. 70. IM, DM, PM: Instant Message, Direct Message, Private Message. Just another way to say that you messaged someone.

Getting Your First Freelance Writing Client.

Some sites have DMs (direct messages), some have PMs (private messages), this business slang all mean the same thing. 71. CTA: Call to Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Action. In marketing copy, it’s usually “Go buy our product.

Like now.” Or a CTA can come in the form of signing up for an incredible free course Want my free course on Finding a Business Idea? Enter your email address below and you’ll get instant access to my Cameroon WhatsApp Number List course that’s been featured on Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur. Enter your first name* First name First Enter your email address* Email address “IT and Tech” Business Slang, Acronyms and Abbreviations Most IT acronyms have to do with how stupid the IT person thinks the end-user is. Are you surprised?

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