In the world of video advertising, new problems have emerged that brands have to deal with. The advertising that accompanies the videos that we consume on the internet is one of the most valuable. One of the most sought after and one that arouses the most enthusiasm among companies. The contents are seen in a more intense way (after all, they are usually served on smaller screens, such as mobiles or tablets) and more concentrated. Which ensures that they are seen and paid attention to. And are also served associated with elements that consumers want to see (more and more videos are being watched online).For the media, this format is one of the most expensive advertising they can sell. For brands, it is one of the most interesting. But, as in everything, the format is not bomb-proof and it is not without problems.

Consumers Therefore Do Not Have to Go to the End and Can Directly

Video ads are annoying, uninteresting and often longer than the actual video you want to watch. Which leads to high rates of frustration. In addition, video ads incorporate something that other types of. Online Finland B2B List ads do not and that makes things a little easier for consumers. Video advertisements on the internet are usually accompanied by a button that. After a few seconds of playback. Allows you to skip the advertising content. Consumers, therefore, do not have to go to. The end and can directly skip those things that they do not like or are not interested in. If the ad hasn’t managed to grab their attention in those first few seconds, they’ve lost them forever.

The beginning of the ad is like a ‘look what we’re going to show you

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For brands, this creates a new point of tension and a new element of stress and makes them have to think even better about what they are going to do. How to connect with the consumer who is willing to turn off that ad? How to prevent the Internet user from skipping the advertising and going directly to the content? The beginning of the ad is like a ‘look what we’re going to show you’ that will greedily anticipate what comes next. The answer to all these questions could be found in movie trailers, which have found (or so it seems) the perfect formula to get the consumer to reach the end and see the content in its entirety: they have created an ad that draws attention and prevents the consumer from clicking before they have fully served what they want to serve.

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