Just as the arrival of christmas is noted because the stores are beginning to fill. With decoration products and because the nougat bursts in everywhere. The proximity of valentine’s day is marked by the irruption, in a big way, of chocolate. Chocolate is everywhere and boxes of chocolates become. The perfect gift that everyone is trying to sell. Although new trends in gifts have appeared in recent years and new things have tried. To position themselves as the perfect gift, chocolate remains an absolute classic. In a study on search trends that tiendeo has just published, they have it clear. “Chocolates continue to be the great favorites of valentine’s day for the spanish”, they sentence. Searches for chocolate tripled, according to their data. During the month of february compared to the data for january.

Their Historical Data Tied to Last Year Actually Showed a 176% Growth

What is it that united chocolate and valentine’s day in a clear way? What are the keys that made the candy become the perfect gift to show love? As the smithsonian points out . It was partly a kind of crossroads. Chocolate was becoming very popular around the Norfolk Island B2B List time that valentine’s was establishing. Itself on the mainstream party calendar. We must remember, in a parallel way. That valentine’s day is not part of one of those eternal traditions that we celebrate for centuries. But rather it is a commercial use of a tradition that did not have a global reach.

Chocolate Enters the Scene Chocolate and Love Were Forever Linked

Norfolk Island B2B List

The celebration did not begin until the 1940s. A journalist had talked about the celebration in the press and how. The mechanism in place to achieve it. With a good advertising campaign, he established the idea that it was the day to show love. In the 1950s, the cinema helped introduce valentine’s day into the collective imagination. Decades before, however, the media still talked about. How giving out valentine’s cards was a custom that was “Blooming” in “America and england.”

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