Let me know if you’d be interested in having a chat! p.s. I’d Latvia WhatsApp Number List be happy to promote the episode across our audience of [# of followers] followers. All the best, [signature] When you’re happy with your template, you can go ahead and continue to step number three, where Respona will fill in the contact information for your prospects as all podcast opportunities come with pre-assigned contact information. Latvia WhatsApp Number List Review the contacts by looking at the Manual Search menu in the top right corner. After you’re satisfied with the contacts, it’s now time to personalize your emails. Besides your own and your contact’s name, it’s good practice to refer to a podcast episode of theirs that you heard and liked. This will show that you’ve actually researched their content, which adds a great human touch.

What is the purpose of a pitch?

Respona is here to help you with that too, since Latvia WhatsApp Number List you can see all of the episodes on the list on your right, as well as listen to them in order to get an idea of the tone and overall message. In case there’s contact information for more than one person, you can scroll down and toggle between them to choose which one you want to contact. Contact profiles When you’re done, you can click on Launch Campaign. There Latvia WhatsApp Number List you have it! After you personalize the emails for every opportunity, you simply sit back and wait for a response. The backlinks and brand mentions you receive from the podcasts can give you a great boost in authority and drive traffic to your website. Let’s continue to the next way of getting quality backlinks. Strategy #3: Promote Your Best Content.

Steps To Take Before Starting To Write your Pitch

This strategy is all about acquiring links in a Latvia WhatsApp Number List straightforward way. You basically find content online that’s relevant to a piece of content you have and ask the writer or website owner to link back to it in exchange for something. That could be a shoutout, a free trial of your product, or even a discount. Try, however, to avoid exchanging links since this is something that Google doesn’t approve of.

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