Well, it’s not something that only affects music. In business in general and in Marketing in particular, finding the right moment to launch a company, a product, a campaign, an email, or the closing phrase for a sale is one of the keys to success. But how key is timing in relation to the rest of the factors involved? For many years now, and after numerous studies on distance sales in Direct Marketing, we have used a basic theory to understand what are the key factors in the success of a direct response campaign; the category to which any Digital Marketing campaign belongs. This pyramid that you have surely seen before (see figure below) summarizes the 5 factors and their degree of importance in terms of campaign success.

You Will See That the “Timing” Occupies the 3rd Position After the List

And no one has disputed this mantra because it continues to Egypt B2B List prove true and effective for direct marketing campaigns of all kinds, shapes and colors . However, technology has opened up a possibility that did not exist before and that could not be relieved in those studies carried out. And it is the possibility of identifying THE MOMENT in which each individual shows greater propensity to say YES (Yes, I want to open it, Yes, I want to read it, Yes, I want to buy it, Yes, I want to sign up, etc, etc). In 2005, Bank of America’s top personal account manager was selling signature loan products for up to $20,000 to his list of clients.

The Problem Was That the List of Clients Assigned to Him

Egypt B2B List

This clever manager went one step further and told his boss that he was convinced that. If they could automatically send an email on his behalf. The moment each client on his list met that condition to offer them a signature credit, their sales would grow. His boss mobilized, they spoke with the crm department and asked their provider. At that time “Unica” – to help them “Set up” that test. Shortly after, the experiment began and after the first month, anthony (the idealist) had multiplied his sales x3. Obtaining a 6.1% success rate on mail sent. In addition, customers showed more interest (they responded to the email or called him to better understand the conditions) and were even grateful. While anthony improved his productivity by focusing on closing. The sale of a much more qualified prospect for the product already. Offered.

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