At the end of the 19th century, Louis Émile Javal, an expert in ophthalmology, discovered a fascinating reality. People did not read by simply letting their eyes move before the words, that is, by scanning the eyes to process the information. Javal found that reading is done using saccadic movements and a series of short stops before the text. To reach these conclusions, Javal dedicated himself to observing the readers’ eyes and set out to see what they were doing. His method was somewhat primitive (he could only observe what was in front of him), although it opened the door to many debates about what to do when reading and allowed to establish a new method of work, following the movements of the eyes to to establish facts and to reach scientific conclusions.

Since Then Things Have Come a Long Way and Devices Have Become

The truth is that eye-tracking(and from there comes recovering the history of javal and his pioneering experiences). It is still as important as then to discover that things are not as we imagine them or as. It is taken for Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List granted ‘always’ that they have been. Measuring the visual response of people allows us to achieve very specific. Results (and very difficult to question: it is very difficult to control where you look or how you look) about. What interests them and what ends up losing their attention. Following the sight and therefore studying. The gaze of people allows us to understand them much better and with much fewer limitations.

The Existing Possibilities to Understand Consumers and How They

Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List

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