In particular, removing spam comments from the comments section of your site is a mandatory task for you. The LSI keywords you generate through the comments section of your website are very Ecuador Phone Number for your SEO progress. Additionally, an efficient review management software can guide you in optimizing the reviews section of your website in an SEO-friendly way. In addition to this, you can highlight the top reviews on your site to redirect the Google algorithm in the right way. So what are you waiting for?

Instead Of Disabling The Comments

Get out there and use the comment section to your advantage! There’s a simple trick to boosting your website’s SEO performance: engage with the community of people who visit it. You may not know this, Ecuador Phone Number a lot of search engine rankings are based on traffic to the site from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – so if you want more people to come back again and again, make sure they feel what they are Time to go home! Is it correct to use short footers and keyword heavy footers?

Ecuador Phone Number

Section Of Your Site

What do you recommend to use? Canonical and 301 redirects or just one of those in case you move content from one site to another? A: Short, keyword-heavy footers improve site-wide keyword density, Ecuador Phone Number link carving around target keywords, and get a natural grammar on the page. I don’t think there is anything wrong with such a footer because it is helpful for users and search engines. However, make sure not to overdo it. Canonical301 redirect Which one is better, canonical or 301? When it comes to canonical meta tags vs 301 redirects, these are different things.

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