All of us, as readers of online magazines or newspapers, are very bored of being shown banners of products that do not fit us very much or with what we need or are interested in at that moment. If, thanks to the data, we are able to show the message of a product to the right person at the right time, that relevance will make the user perceive it not as a nuisance but as something that can be useful. But how do we achieve this? Through the famous Big Data, which is what allows us to understand what people want. The key is in the way of collecting data and giving it a useful form. Through a team made up of linguists and mathematicians, together with a large data storage capacity.

The Day of the Week or What You Are Reading This Is Important

Let’s take as an example: every day there is a “News of the day” as a result of current political, economic, cultural. Climatological phenomena that almost everyone ends up reading that day but that does not describe at all what the Costa Rica B2B List reader is like. But, on the contrary, there are news items that are only read by 3% of users. Such as, for example, one about karl lagerfield’s new spring-summer collection. Which does provide us with valuable information about them. With all this data, the next step, and no less complicated. Is to weigh the information and order it in order to classify. Readers according to the topics in which they are interested (economics, sports, or both) and to what degree.

There Are Many Solutions on the Market That Allow You to Segment

Costa Rica B2B List

The result that derives from this whole process is that we will be able to show. A relevant message to an appropriate user and at the appropriate time. For example, let’s imagine a restaurant located in an office area of. ​​a big city that wants to launch a campaign on a native advertising network like ours. You will be able to segment your campaign so that it appears only in that locality and on. The days and times that are most in line with your objective, probably during the week. Launching an offer in the hours before lunch. Information that the user .Will appreciate as it is possible that he will try a new site taking advantage of an. Advantageous price to eat that day. Relevant advertising is the key.

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