Anyone who has been to a theme park will be very clear about how the experience works. The tour always begins in the same place, an entrance gate that is the only way to access the park and where. In many cases, a first photographer is already waiting to immortalize the experience (and generate a first opportunity for consumption). Once the consumer and his family are inside the park, after having paid their entrance ticket and having crossed the main gates. It is time to decide what to do, what to see and where to go, an experience that not infrequently turns out to be overwhelming. On the other side there are many options.

The Ticket That Was Made Early in the Day

When you reach the end you will feel that many things have been done. That you have to go back and that you have had a great time. And, of course, when you leave the park, you will have left behind a good trail of spending. One that Communication Directors Email Lists goes far beyond the simple moment of buying the ticket that was made early in the day. Because theme parks and amusement parks are designed to entertain. To excite and above all to make us consume more and more. And, possibly, one of the key examples to understand. How this works is in the disneyland parks, which disney has all over the world and which have been meticulously designed to make.

Disney’s Theme Parks and Associated Resorts Are a Money-making

Communication Directors Email Lists

As you remember in fast company, only in the last quarter they made a whopping 5.2 billion dollars in revenue. The key to its success is not only in the popularity of. The brand and its pull among consumers but also in its design. Since the beginning of the parks, back in the 1950s, their design has been carefully designed to the extreme. Behind the parks there is a work of urban design and the use of psychology to position not only the space but also to make. The consumer connect with it in the most appropriate and effective way possible. The parks manage, as the analysis points out. To be familiar as well as striking and full of fantasy, to be easy. Understood by visitors and to make them feel that they are in control of where they go and what they.

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