In recent times, streaming platforms have become a kind of overwhelming and omnipresent fashion with which. All social networks seem to be showing an increasingly growing interest. The number of those that have launched tools that allow them to connect with. The audience in real-time and launch video broadcasts that they can watch at the same time that it is being. Produced is increasing and increasing and is managing to connect with more and more users. And if social networks are launching more and more tools like these and consumers are responding more and better to them. Brands are also connecting more and more with them and are showing more and more interest.

They Were Interested in the Use They Could Give to Periscope or Meerkat

First, they were interested in the use they could give to Periscope or Meerkat, the first to hit the market with force and the first to generate a certain frenzy between the brands. Then the list was expanded and companies began to Latvia B2B List analyze who would be better and how to use each of the tools that have appeared to meet their objectives. Now that even Facebook has a tool that allows you to create live content, Facebook Live, the popularization of these tools has reached a point that directs them towards the ‘mainstream’ in the relationship between brands and consumers.

But How to Use These Tools and How to Use Them to Connect

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The main thing among what these tools offer is the obvious and what in the end. All brands look for when they launch the conquest of social networks as a tool to reach the consumer. These platforms allow conversations to be generated in real-time. They allow messages to be launched, to be done in a format. That consumers increasingly value more (audiovisual), and to receive their response in real-time to what they are doing. It doesn’t only work at the level of ‘counting views’ or receiving comments. Brands can also measure the response. That their content is launching by seeing how the links work (links can be added on some of these platforms to drive traffic) or by seeing. How related conversations are generated.

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