Social networks have become a fundamental part of the company’s strategy. But the social media universe is not a limited environment isolated from. The rest of the elements that are marking. The present and future of brands and, in fact, it has a very direct relationship. With other elements and tools that are increasingly crucial for the future of companies. Big data, for example, can become a powerful ally for establishing a strategy on social networks and. Above all, for making the social media universe not just an attempt at brand positioning but rather a successful solution.

The Secret to Social Media Success Is Knowing What to Say

One of the fundamental legs of social networks and one of those that mark. The success or failure of a company in this medium is in the fact that they have to be able to respond to consumers as. They expect them to or how they need to do it. “They need to respond proactively and at the Investors Email Lists right time on the social channel of choice.” explains helena schwenk, principal analyst at mwd advisors, to forbes. Adding they need to be able to have the. Content ready to give “The answer correct answer, the correct content and the correct tone. To the demands of different types of audiences.

Using the Data Can Be Used to Find Points of Friction

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Big data not only prepares the brand to know. How to respond to consumers before they are even writing their messages. But also allows them to anticipate the points that. Will be especially controversial in the relationship between consumers and the brand. The data analysis allows establishing the specific moment in which the brand is more likely to have to listen. Generate better results when trying to give a solution to that problem or complaint. The data analysis allows establishing recommendations on what to do. But also all those steps that should be avoided.

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