Over the last few years, advertisers have been seeing representation issues being pointed out to them in ads. The clichés and stereotypes about certain groups were recurrent. But consumers had reached a level of being fed up. These types of messages made them begin to be counterproductive. In general, the presence of women in advertisements was too stereotyped. They weren’t the only ones. Retirees were also doomed to be the classic grandpa and men were. Useless when they appeared as fathers in brand messages.

Brands Have Begun to Take Note of This Situation and Change

Brands have begun to take note of this situation and change what they do and how they do it. The ads have begun to shake off some of those clichés. Though there are still stereotypes and representation issues that Austria email domain plague many groups. And one of them is that of people with disabilities, who appear little or not at all in advertisements. And in brand messages, and when they do. They end up becoming almost an element of communication. A CSR message from the company of the advertisement (and not simply in a representation of reality without more than consumers). A recent study has revealed this situation. Also adding a somewhat paradoxical piece of information.

This Occurs Despite the Fact That as Marketing Week Recalls

Nearly 35% of the companies surveyed have assured that they are increasingly aware of this situation. And are accelerating their commitment and actions, although 15% acknowledge that they have paused their efforts due to the coronavirus crisis. The problem is not only in the representation but also in the content itself. Brand ads and messages are not always accessible to everyone, something that. As war recalls, collects the content of a session at an association of national advertisers (ana) conference. Should start to change accessibility, explained the rapporteur, is a “Human right”. Brands must strive to incorporate these tools and make things reach all their consumers equally, whatever they need.

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