Currently, more than half of hotel reservations are made online, either through the computer or mobile devices. In fact, this year the search for hotels from the smartphone surpassed that of computers.Taking these data into account, it seems clear that if digital marketing strategies are essential in any industry. Much more so for the hotel industry. And both chains and independent hotels are aware of them. For this reason, although their budgets for advertising are not large. (they are around 4 or 5% of total income), they are increasingly leaning towards online channels. And currently there are many who already dedicate half of their budget to this item (although it obviously depends on the hotels analysed).

It Is Below the Ideal Cost Which Would Be Around 75%

In any case, it is below the ideal cost, which would be around 75% of the marketing budget. As indicated in the smart hotelier’s guide to 2016 digital marketing budget planning. Why so much? Because the hotel industry is Sudan B2B List totally dependent on word of mouth. Marketing and online channels are the easiest way to distribute it. Positive reviews increase revenue and the number of reservations and, according to a tripadvisor study. 77% of travelers use reviews and recommendations from the website before booking a hotel room. Online presence becomes essential, not only for informational or promotional purposes, but also as a tool for use by customers.

Independent Hotels Probably Need to Invest More Money

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What specific actions should they spend their digital marketing budget on? According to this guide, the ideal would be to dedicate 20% to sem. 11% to dynamic rate marketing, another 11% to retargeting, 10% to multi-channel initiatives. 8% to web optimization and 7% to seo. Below would be other cheaper tools such as email marketing (3%), or social media (2%). An article by 4hoteliers also reflects the results of a survey of hoteliers in which. They were asked where they found the highest roi from their marketing campaigns. 70% said that in their online investments. Additionally, 3 out of 4 hoteliers manage their digital campaigns themselves. Despite evidence showing roi increases when outsourcing to a marketing agency.

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