Post Examples Content Marketing South Korea Email List Consultant & Freelance for Hire: Ryan Robinson: This piece (that I wrote back when I was offering my content marketing services) prominently uses a case study that takes a detailed look at how I wrote a piece for a client that received more than 11,500 social media shares in South Korea Email List under 2 months & skyrocketed to the top of organic search results. As well as sharing that case study, I also include quotes from other happy clients. If you’re using a South Korea Email List case study as a sales tool, you might want to think about including testimonials and incorporating that into your typical format for these types of blog post templates across your site. How Ryan Robinson Increased Email Subscribers by 500% Using Exit-Intent Popups (by OptinMonster).

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This case study from OptinMonster begins by introducing a South Korea Email List client of theirs (me!) and the problem I was having—wanting to grow my email marketing list quicker. It shares specific figures and points to a particular feature of OptinMonster (exit-intent popups) that made it work especially well for my site. The article ends with a South Korea Email List short, powerful testimonial from me and a call to action to get started using OptinMonster. 7. A vs B Post Template A vs B Example Blog Post Template (Screenshot from ryrob) South Korea Email List What is an A vs B Post? An A vs B post compares two or more similar products or services the reader might be considering. For instance, you could have a post on “iOs vs Android”

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You can also extend this blog post format into South Korea Email List an A vs B vs C post, which we’ll explore an example of shortly. Key Benefits of the A vs B Post A vs B posts are: Likely to rank well in search engines. When someone is making a choice between two similar products or services, they will often search for “A vs B” on Google to find reviews that compare the two options. Great for bringing in affiliate income. If you’re an affiliate for South Korea Email List both A and B, it doesn’t matter what choice the reader opts for: you get an affiliate commission! This means you can focus your post on helping readers decide what’s best for their needs. Good for positioning you as an expert in your niche.

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