However, you have also learned that the opposite is true. Your brain loves small quick tasks that give you an immediate reward. Your brain will happily feast on this given a chance to do so. El Salvador WhatsApp Number List To stop procrastination without much effort, you are going to give your brain exactly what it wants—fast and easy El Salvador WhatsApp Number List improvements every day. Put those small improvements together over time, and you will accomplish your biggest goals. But how do you take your big goals, the ones you are procrastinating on, and turn them into small, everyday improvements? Easy, just use El Salvador WhatsApp Number List the Warren Buffett strategy. Step 1: Using the Warren Buffett Strategy. You are going to pull out a piece of paper and write down the top goals you are trying to accomplish.

 Validate Your Business Idea.

The Warren Buffett Strategy to Stop El Salvador WhatsApp Number List Procrastinating Today CLICK TO TWEET Write down a max of twenty-five: Top 25 Goals In Life Next, you are going to pick the top five most important ones. The ones that have the greatest impact on your life once you accomplish them. Hint, they are usually the most difficult on your list. Don’t shy away from the hardest ones, they’ll become easy for you: Top 5 El Salvador WhatsApp Number List Goals In Life Now that you have your top five goals, you are going to circle just one, the top goal. The goal that when completed will make more impact on your life than any other on your list. For me, it was launching a side business while keeping my full-time job, and raising a family. Again, this is usually the most difficult one (mine sure was!).

Leverage Your Relationships.

That’s the one you probably want to pick. This is El Salvador WhatsApp Number List called the Warren Buffett strategy. Given this is Warren Buffett’s strategy, and he is one of the wealthiest people in the world, you can have confidence that he knows a thing or two about the best way to beat procrastination. Moreover, he’s sharing it with you. Take advantage of this. Do it now. Step 2: Breaking it All Down.

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