The relationship of interdependence that exists between online advertising and marketing campaigns and the offline universe is a fact. What we did not know was to what extent we could quantify this link. Until now. And it is that a recent report by the consulting firm Deloitte establishes that the influence of the digital environment has multiplied by four in the last three years with regard to sales generated by physical establishments directly dependent on electronic support. To do this, Deloitte has analyzed the behavior of more than 3,000 consumers, a heterogeneous sample of users from the United States whose data has revealed interesting conclusions.

The Most Important Perhaps Is to Determine Monetarily

A significant figure since it is far removed from the result obtained in 2012. When this figure barely reached 14 cents for every dollar invested in electronic support. In this sense, deloitte not only defends the digital influence in the VP IT Email Lists calculation of sales in physical establishments but also attributes. This increases to a specific reason: the use that consumers make of their mobile devices. In the same way, those responsible for the investigation maintain. That companies often use inappropriate metrics to analyze the behavior of their online investment.

That Is Why They Denounce, in 2014 Electronic Commerce

VP IT Email Lists

The research also suggests that in the last five years the main sellers have lost 2% in combined market share, equivalent to 64,000 million dollars. While the digital market has multiplied. It is, in the words of those responsible for the investigation. “A real change in the competitive dynamics” of brands. Which has the online environment as the main equalizer of investment efforts. In fact, deloitte’s research supports the evolution that the digital universe is undergoing and how. It is influencing consumer behavior. In this sense, mobile devices are now the supports that can most influence customers’ purchasing decisions. Although at least in their conscious variant, they say they are not worried.

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