There you have to add the most used related keywords on the internet. You can use other related keywords, but using the main keyword will get your attention. It uses image sections to make content visible on search engines. However, make sure the keywords make sense for the images you add. Content URL So, it’s a complete SEO and it’s great basics. When you add keywords to URLs or content links, it’s easier for search engines to find relevant results for users and let them browse for the right content with the most clicks.

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Introduction Well, if you’re a content writer or copywriter, you’ve probably come across. Instructions that ask you to put the keywords you provide in the first 100 words. Yes, this obviously means you need to put your SEO Cambodia Phone Number in the introduction section, which will give you a clear path to reach your audience without any objections. introduction How the keywords should be placed within the content? subtitle Keyword placement needs to be perfect. You must use the strongest and relevant keywords in the subtitle itse. lf necessarily in every subtitle in your content, but at least in the first two.

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However, if you’re serving longer content, you need to spread the keywords accordingly because you have to follow the keyword density and you can’t cram them into your content – because it’s not your spring rolls! How the keywords should be placed within the content? ALT text in images have you heard of it? The moment you place an image in your content (this definitely makes the content look attractive and popular), and when you click on the image (on your WordPress) you will see a place where you can place anchor text space.

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