It’s time to move into the next stage of getting your food Benin Email List blog fully setup. —> Click here to head over to Bluehost and register your domain if you haven’t already. On the next page, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of Benin Email List getting WordPress installed on your food blog through Bluehost. And if you want to evaluate some more options for hosting, check out my regularly updated list of the best web hosting plans on the market today. 4. Design your food blog with free tools & templates At this point, you’ve Benin Email List now gotten your WordPress-powered blog installed and hosted on Bluehost. It’s a blank slate for us to now make beautiful! And we’re going to do that using free tools & templates.

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Minimalist Baker Example of How to Benin Email List Start a Food Blog Homepage To achieve success when you start a food blog, not only must your food blog look attractive—it also needs to give your readers a fantastic user experience. And that’s Benin Email List why the right food blog design is so important. Check out the Minimalist Baker‘s website for an example of a fantastic food blog layout. The good news is that you can design your food blog and achieve wonderful results even by using free tools and WordPress themes. And we’re going to be walking Benin Email List through a few different categories of free resources to use in designing your food blog. A content management system (CMS) WordPress Themes WordPress Plugins So.

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Let’s take a closer look at each one. Content Benin Email List Management System (CMS) First, you need a content management system—also known as a blogging platform—so you can write blog posts, share photos and publish recipes or reviews on Benin Email List your food blog. Take some inspiration from my roundup of honest Bluehost reviews to see the different kinds of formats a review article can come in. If you’ve followed along with our tutorial so far, then you’ve already chosen to use WordPress as your CMS. Great! You’re in good company. Check Benin Email List out these amazing statistics about WordPress: WordPress is the most popular CMS for the seventh year in a row and holds 50% to 60% share of the global CMS market WordPress is the fastest growing CMS with roughly 500+ new blogs being launched daily.

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