One of the advertising formats on the internet that most annoys consumers is that of video ads (or videos in general) that start playing on their own. When studies on consumer opinions appear, these formats tend to appear in prominent positions. But the truth is that you don’t just have to wait for the studios, possibly we have all had that experience of entering a website and suddenly a video starts playing somewhere. If this happens at work, for example, the experience is even more frustrating. If you have several tabs open and you can’t quickly locate where the problem is, it’s also a problem, whether you’re at home or at work.

This Type of Advertising Format Has an Among Consumers

Therefore, this type of advertising format has a very bad image among consumers. This leads to the question of why brands and media continue to use them. The key is, as always, in the money. In the world of online media. Which has seen advertising prices plummet in recent times and how companies and brands have begun to show. High interest in this type of advertising, videos seemed like a China WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists solution to everyone. Problems. That consumers did not make the necessary click to see it was not a problem when the rules of the game could be forced. Whence those videos that appear in the middle of the text (another very annoying format) and those that start playing on their own. It’s bread for today and hungry for tomorrow?

Because These Types of Ads Have an Impact That Goes

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The recommendations of good advertisements and positive practices in online advertising had already indicated for a long time that this type of content should stop being used and be avoided. The recommendations have fallen on deaf ears since those who surf the net continue to come across these advertising formats over and over again. Therefore, the giants of internet advertising are going to take action on the matter. Is it perhaps something too close to an abuse of power? There are those who already point out that it is quite probable. Will it be the end of ads and autoplay video

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