In the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife? This is what many of the large companies that make up the fortune list must be asking themselves now. A document that includes the 500 most relevant and important global companies on the current scene. From different fields of the economy, culture and society of the moment. Inclusion in this ranking that has traditionally been considered a privilege. Until now? The course that 46% of the brands that incorporate this list will have will depend on their future policies. The reason is none other than a recent investigation carried out by the merkle company, in collaboration with rkg. In which it is ensured that this percentage, almost half of the companies that incorporate. The ranking do not have a mobile web page adapted to google’s new criteria.

A Fact That May Seem Insignificant aPriori Abut Entering

Specifically, the research carried out by both organizations concluded that almost half of the most relevant brands in the world. Did not have this new and relevant requirement. A lack of adaptation to the Software Managers Email Lists new google algorithm that, on the contrary. Was present in the brands that make up the list of this publication that contains. The 500 most important brands in the world belonging to the retail sector. Which in seven out of ten cases analyzed yes they demonstrated having a web page. Whose design was responsive and/or adapted to smartphones or tablets.

The Reason for This Difference The Study Carried Out by Merkle

Software Managers Email Lists

The study carried out by Merkle and RKG points to the greater amount of digital consumer demand that retailers currently have, whose behavior has turned towards buying and selling through electronic commerce using mobile devices. It is not surprising that the brands that make up this ranking have, in 71% of cases, a website adapted to the new Google requirements.  the pending duties of the large companies with regard to mobile adaptation do not end here. And it is that this report maintains that even those Fortune companies whose activity is not necessarily determined by the new Google algorithm have also shown not to adapt to the new times and their corresponding technologies. Hence, 70% of them registered a web page and a mobile website with different URLs.

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