A multitude of consumers talking about exactly the same topic. A good example is, in the united states, the super bowl. The oscar awards gala or the opening ceremony of the olympic games. If someone falls down, says something unexpected, or comes up with any other surprise. All the viewers will comment on it. They will send memes via mobile to their friends. They will make their best jokes on Twitter. They will google it if they have missed it. Everyone will be talking about it except brands, whose ads. Scheduled in advance, will not be able to join the conversation.

Google Has Announced a New Ad Format Called “Real-Time

The google adwords tools will allow you to create an ad that can be later updated in some of. Its characteristics (such as the image or the text) to reflect an event that is generating. Conversation (for which it will suffice to Guyana B2B List see some of the trending topics of the moment). As explained from the search engine giant: “With real-time ads, brands will be able to launch. A campaign by inserting ads immediately and dynamically through youtube, thousands of apps and the more than two million sites of the display. Network with a message that directly alludes to the great moment that consumers are experiencing”

These Real-time Ads Started Being Beta-tested Last Year

Guyana B2B List

From google, they also added that during the next few months there will be a large number of important events in the united states. And that they will be a good opportunity to test and analyze the operation of the system. “The objective is to expand what marketers do on television and other platforms”. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to take advantage of the potential of these great events. Something that until now seemed to be the exclusive heritage of social networks. The micro-moments gain relevance also within the great moments.

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