Google has spent some days celebrating the 20 years of existence. Of its search engine, as well as of other of its products and services. With which it has announced a series of changes among. Which a strategic movement that attacks a content format exploited. By social networks stands out: stories. Google has spent some days celebrating the 20 years of existence of its search engine. As well as of other of its products and services, with which it has announced. A series of changes among which a strategic movement. That attacks a content format exploited by social networks stands out. Stories this is amp stories accelerated mobile pages an open source.

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What happens on snapchat the app that debuted the format. Or instagram, in this case the editors will see their content. Appear in the search results something that undoubtedly. Expands the potential reach. And, for the VP Safety Email Lists moment. Users will not be able to create these stories yet. Stories is a format launched by snapchat about two years ago. And it’s about posting clips that last 24 hours online. And it’s gained a lot of popularity among users of the app. Its success was such that it was quickly ’emulated. Copied by other social networks in particular by facebook. When launching its version of instagram stroies and states.

Whatsapp Fact There Currently More Than 400 Million People

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Who use stories all days, according to data from the next web. The replicas are due to the fact that it had a great impact on snapchat, even in the ephemeral message app it became popular among brands for branded content, hence there is even something similar on twitter with moments and on youtube with reels. This format attracts brands because it allows them to reinforce engagement with their audiences, in the case of instagram, brands such as the nfl, apple music, cheerios, vogue magazine, are among those that have taken advantage of it. Tool that uses artificial intelligence to build ephemeral videos.

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