Each phrase should not exceed three or four words. There are various tools that can help you choose the right keywords. A great free tool is the Google External Keyword Tool. After completing your Croatia Phone Number must generate keyword-rich yet highly relevant content. Content is king now – with Panda updates, your site’s content is your top priority. More than ever, there is an emphasis on unique, useful, and keyword-rich content. The idea is to write content that is perfect for both search engine spiders and visitors.

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With the right content, you can build credibility before either of them. Make sure your content is relevant to your website and is the perfect combination of relevant keywords. Handle your meta Croatia Phone Number tags are located in the HTML source code of a web page. They provide information about a website/page and are scanned by search engine spiders. The basic meta tags are: Title Meta Tag – The most important thing about a title tag is that it must contain the main keyword phrase for the page you are optimizing for. The search engines Google and Bing take title tags very seriously.

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Description Meta Tag – This tag should describe the specific page it’s on, not the entire website. In other words, it must have keywords that reflect the content well. Don’t overuse this, it’s descriptive, not hype. Don’t repeat a Croatia Phone Number keyword more than twice in any one meta tag – because it’s keyword stuffing or spamming. Search engines will penalize or ban your site for this. Keyword meta tag: it’s more or less outdated, but you can do it. Google doesn’t index meta tags for “keywords” Meta keyword tags contain keyword phrases for the specific page we’re on.

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