We all knew that netflix was one of the current leaders of the internet. But not to what extent or position it was. After almost 20 years of existence. And after having expanded its presence to the online medium. And expanding its content library around the world. Creating its own movies and series and even acquiring its own. Film studio it seems that it already has the success it always wanted.  In terms of the amount of traffic directed throughout cyberspace. According to sandvine a networking and software company. On the network of networks worldwide generating almost 15 percent. Of internet traffic globally this statistic shows that the main sources.

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And taken into account: first due to the competition and the change. Of habits of a large part of the world population. According to data from internet world stats. 54 percent of all people in the world. Have access to the Mongolia B2B List internet and the fact that netflix. Is ​​the most consumed means that the attention. And time given to mobile devices is higher than ever. This platform is followed by other video sources. Such as amazon prime hulu hbo go. Bbc player and the list is growing in different regions. After online games social networks are shown as services. That use an increasing amount of bandwidth but because they offer. Interactivity and video experiences.

In Fact Video Dominates the Internet Downstream Overall

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Accounting for 58 percent of total download traffic. Youtube is the platform most affected by this phenomenon. Which has 11.4 percent of the total traffic, but it also affects. Netflix as it is being included in a package of operators and mobile. Plans that offer unlimited video streaming but managed . However consumption still varies by region. For example in the american continent. Netflix leads followed by content broadcast in http. Media stream or raw mpeg ts formats then comes. Amazon prime and youtube. In europe. The middle east and africa youtube remains the leading platform for video content.


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