Plus, they actually help your site’s rankings. Using the example of a flower shop, let’s say you have a photo of a bouquet of roses. For this photo, you’ll need to add a keyword such as “Rose Bouquet Delivery in UK Phone Number Illinois.” However, make sure that none of the images on this page have the same keyword on the alt tags. Google recognizes this as keyword stuffing. You need to alter the alt tags with keywords that apply to any photo. For example, if your page’s keyword is “rose bouquet delivery” and one of your photos is a pink rose arrangement, name the alt tag “pink rose arrangement.

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Internal link Last but not least is internal linking . Internal linking is a key factor in your website’s SEO success. Crawlers will crawl your site, detect the content and link structure between your UK Phone Number gain a better understanding of your site’s content in general. Having pages link to each other also ensures that pages don’t get lost out of order, ensuring users can find them. Internal links should be relevant and should contain appropriate keywords related to the content of the page you are linking to. For best results, you’ll want to try adding two or three internal links per page.

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Another option is to create pillar content or content silo pages to show that you are an authority on a product or service. To better understand your own internal linking structure, you may want to speak with an SEO expert with extensive experience in internal linking. Evaluate your on-page SEO Now that you better understand aspects of on-page UK Phone Number discuss what you can do to evaluate your site’s on-site optimization. You need to consider the following points: Evaluate your on-page SEO Are you using keywords on every page? How effective are these keywords? Do they help generate traffic and sales? Are you using internal linking throughout the page?

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