Like any discipline, email marketing has its own vernacular. Here’s a glossary of some of the most common words and acronyms you’ll encounter. Key Email Marketing Terms Defined (Image of Terms on Tablet) Bounce Rate. Philippines WhatsApp Number List the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that didn’t Philippines WhatsApp Number List receive your message. An email is classified as a bounce when it cannot be delivered and is rejected by a subscriber’s email server. So, a high bounce rate means your email deliverability is low.  A hard Philippines WhatsApp Number List bounce indicates a permanent reason someone could not receive your email.

Building a Strong Brand: Align the Points of Touch

A soft bounce usually indicates a temporary Philippines WhatsApp Number List delivery issue, like a full inbox or an offline server. CTA (Call to action): an image or line of text that encourages your audience to take action — like make a purchase, click a link, sign up for a course, etc. CTR (Click Through Rate): the percentage of people who Philippines WhatsApp Number List clicked on at least one link in your email message. Double Opt-in: a two step process by which subscribers must confirm their opt-in.

Online Rentals vs Storefront Rentals

Drip Campaign: a type of email marketing campaign.  ESP (Email Service Provider): a company Philippines WhatsApp Number List that provides email marketing or bulk email services. Pre-header text: a small amount of text displayed to give a preview of the email’s content.


Once you have highlighted the page with the keywords you want to optimize, you can improve the page to improve your rank. You can optimize these pages by improving the SEO of the pages. This too:

Google also considers “page dwell time” when generating search results. By improving the average dwell time on the page, the ranking will improve. This can be achieved by adding images, embedding videos, and making the text easier to read and user-friendly. It’s a good idea to break the text into bite-sized chunks and use bullets and lists.

Visit the GSC Links report. When you get there, go to “Internal Links” and click “Top Link Page”. From there, you can select Other and sort the list in descending order to see the pages you forgot.

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