A popular pastime to becoming an industry whose turnover. Latin America alone reached a billion in 2018. According to estimates by Newzooa and OnDevice statistics in Argentina of women. 87.80% of men play on their mobile devices. The vast majority do it every day. That the recent Advergames Playbook prepared. The MMA in collaboration with Adsmovil. A company specialized in mobile advertising. Offers a guide on how to work with advertising in mobile games.

Offers a guide on how to work with advertising in mobile games

There are two clear truths about the world of internet advertising. One is that two great players have a prominent position and high power. Google and Facebook are the big names in the industry and those who share the main pieces of the cake. Not only are Sri Lanka Phone Number List they managing to establish themselves in a very solvent way in the market and position themselves as the strongest players, but they are also managing to ensure that the new income generated by the market ends up directly in their hands.

The Second Great Truth Is That, as Much as This Seems an

Questionable reality, the industry does not see it with such good eyes. Not only are competitors appearing who want to get their piece of the cake and the money that Google and Facebook (not by chance called the duopoly) are sharing, but they also have an increasingly critical view of what is happening. For advertisers, the power of Google and Facebook in the online advertising market is seen as a critical situation. This critical vision of things has its logic. The industry depends a lot on the decisions made by these big players and they also see how the position they occupy impacts their own decisions and their own positions.

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