Every week, El Mundo Today, the satirical medium, does a ‘recap’ of the last episode of the Game of Thrones broadcast. Of course, his review of the episode is as scathing as its news, though it’s pretty close to what it looks like and what viewers feel. In their last opinion, they pointed out the questions they thought viewers might be asking. “What has all this been for? Where have the last years of our lives gone? So much effort and? What for?”, they already wrote in the first paragraph, before launching to publish “responders”. In his criticism, the questions were very marked by what had happened and by what chapter four had contributed to the development of the plot, but the truth is that the questions have been happening (and they are more or less those) in the last weeks.

The Long-awaited Premiere of the Last Season of Game of Thrones

Which had had its millions of followers around the world on edge for about two years. Is achieving a striking and interesting reception when it comes to analyzing the processes of the audience. The most important Azerbaijan B2B List chapter for now, that of the great battle of Winterfell, got enthusiasm. Yes, but also an avalanche of negative comments. Whether it was because of how the plot progressed and how the key moments were. Reached (although here a new debate could be opened on issues that go beyond the reception of content and the impact of the brand). Social networks became meeting points for consumers who had not just seen ‘that’.

Statistics Show That This Season the Last and Final Is Being

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Statistics show that this season, the last and final, is being the most hated by viewers. In imdb, it is the season that has the worst audience rankings and the last chapter for now. The last of the stars, is the one that has had the lowest score in all the scores of the series. His score of 6.9 out of 10 is very far, as marketwatch remembers. From the rains of castamere, one of the most iconic episodes of the series (yes, the one with ‘that’ wedding). With a score of 9.9. If data analysis is done, the last season would be a failure. Since no episode has exceeded 8.7 and. It has not been put in the average of what happened in the previous seasons.

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