Is while you’re experiencing it in real-time, day-to-day. How to Balance Content Creation with Traveling with a Travel Blog One of the biggest challenges of running a travel blog is that it’s so easy to forget (amidst the excitement) that you’re Rwanda Email List supposed to be creating content for your blog—ideally sharing behind the scenes with videos, short updates and still images from your Instagram account. Rwanda Email List Here are a few tips for Rwanda Email List staying on top of your content game while traveling. Do Your Research Beforehand One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a travel blogger, is to do your content research before embarking on your journey. Two areas you need to pay particular attention to include: Destination research.

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Research your destination as much as Rwanda Email List you can, so as to get ideas of what kind of content you can create around your trip. Before leaving for your trip, you should have a few clear blog post ideas already in mind to at least potentially write about and publish while you’re on your trip. Keyword research. As we’ve Rwanda Email List already touched upon earlier, keyword research is a very important aspect of travel blogging. Do the keyword research for a particular destination before you head out on the trip, and you’ll be able to Rwanda Email List choose a few specific activities to do while you’re there—and ensure there’s a pool of readers seeking that content online. Research as much as you can about your destination.

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And everything around your upcoming trip Rwanda Email List will help lessen the burden of content creation while traveling. Create a Content Calendar A content calendar is a schedule of the exact content. Pieces you’re going to publish (in order). After doing the upfront research. Your content calendar will tell you what you need to write a. Rwanda Email List blog post about—and when it should go live. To create your own editorial content calendar: Use your research. Use the keyword research you’ve done already. To come up with a few topics Rwanda Email List and ideas for the content. You’re going to create about a particular trip/destination. Bonus points if you poll your audience for

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