Below KC 30 should work fine. Content Optimization for Keywords Now, since you have a good keyword list with lots of searches and moderate or low competition in organic search, you should write and optimize your Netherlands Phone Number around these keywords. The number of keywords you choose is up to you. I recommend that 2-3 keywords per blog post are enough, with one keyword being the primary objective and the other two secondary objectives. You must place your keywords in certain important places.

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The title is an essential part of the article. Not only should it be optimized for SEO but it should also be compelling enough to attract more. Eyeballs and clicks when shared on social sites or viewed in SERPs. When you write a title for your blog post, make sure to keep it within 60-65 characters (including spaces), as this is what Google and other search engines Netherlands Phone Number excess text is trimmed. Always put your main target keyword at the beginning of your title, as this has the greatest impact on search engine algorithms. e.g. Internet Marketing Strategies for Newbies In the title above, the keyword is Internet Marketing Strategies, placed at the beginning.

Netherlands Phone Number

Keywords As Well As Secondary

The URL should also contain your main keyword. In the URL, you should try to keep the target keyword at the beginning, like we did in the title. In WordPress, the URL is automatically generated using the title. Blog Netherlands Phone Number The Complete Guide to Blog SEO! However, if you want to customize it, you can use the Edit button. Blog SEOimg6 The Complete Guide to Blog SEO! Content: Don’t try to optimize it by stuffing too many keywords into the content, as it steals the essence of the article, making it content written for search engines. Content should always be written for the user first.

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