you can’t wait for your friends and family to hear what you’ve come up with. Before you publish your podcast for the whole world to hear, there are a few things you should do first. Norfolk Island Email List Record Extra Episodes Instead of recording your first podcast and quickly uploading it to your podcast hosting platform, your Norfolk Island Email List should first record a few episodes. Why? It’s easy to get behind when it comes to any kind of content creation. Suppose you want to post a new podcast weekly, bi-weekly, or even Norfolk Island Email List monthly. It’s really helpful to have a few episodes in your roster before you launch. Doing so will help if you have a slow week or an episode that takes longer than expected to record.

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If you interview people for your podcast, you may find it Norfolk Island Email List takes extra time to schedule the right interviewees. If your podcast requires a lot of writing and research, such as a scripted non-fiction podcast, then you may find that some episodes just require a good bit more work before they’re ready. Do yourself a favor and create several episodes before you share them with everyone you know. Decide How Often You Want to Norfolk Island Email List Podcast How often you should upload new episodes is somewhat a matter of opinion. There are a few factors to take into consideration: How much time you have to dedicate to the podcast The length of your podcast How much time you want to put into podcasting.

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The goal of your podcast If you’re Norfolk Island Email List planning on monetizing your podcast Answering these questions will help you develop a realistic idea for how often you should upload new podcasts. When you’re just beginning, don’t get overly ambitious. Maybe once a month is enough. As your podcast grows, and you begin to make money from it, you’ll want to think about recording more often. The bottom line is, to be consistent and commit to Norfolk Island Email List recording and uploading new episodes regularly.

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