or unpublished work, but a trademark protects words, phrases, symbols, or designs that identify the work. In other words, a trademark protects your podcast’s branding. How to Trademark Your Podcast Brand A good place to start with trademarking your podcast is to first find out if it’s New Caledonia Email List already being used. Even if it hasn’t been trademarked, someone who has been using it may have more rights to it than you. Like copyright, you don’t absolutely have to New Caledonia Email List trademark your brand in order to have rights to it. However, it is a good practice in order to establish your rights to your branding. It’s even better to do this before an issue arises.

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To trademark your name, logo, and branding, you’ll New Caledonia Email List need to register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Though not a requirement, if you are a US citizen, the USPTO, “encourages [s] you to hire a U.S.-licensed attorney who specializes in trademark law to guide you through the registration New Caledonia Email List process.” 6. Create a Format for Your Podcast Every podcast is themed a little bit differently. Some are scripted, while others are recorded on the fly. When thinking about New Caledonia Email List how to start your podcast, imagine what format you would like to use. Below, I’ll discuss the different formats commonly used and provide real examples of each.

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Interview Podcasts Perhaps the most popular type of New Caledonia Email List podcast is the interview style. This variety will typically have one or two hosts and a guest speaker for each episode. The guest speaker will have some additional insights into the topic discussed on the podcast. And will usually share some real-life experiences. Some incredible examples of great interview podcasts include: Without Fail How to Start a Podcast Example (Screenshot) of Without New Caledonia Email List Fail Podcast by Gimlet Media and Alex Blumberg Without Fail, hosted by their experiences with failure.

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