In the world of fashion retail, brands have a healthy obsession with customer satisfaction. Everything revolves around him. That If you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back, which Isidoro Álvarez championed several decades ago, is not only a reality in El Corte Inglés, but has become a real must in digital advertising. Today, we find ourselves with a demanding, well-informed, sensitized, and one hundred percent digitized consumer. Gone is retargeting – that digital advertising that impacts the user taking into account their tastes, but not their needs in real-time. Back, far behind, because what consumers demand is that the fashion retail industry knows how to dialogue with them.

Fashion Companies Today Not Only Have to Offer

The differentiated value proposition with respect to their competition. But they also have to be able to display it adequately. Big data contributes greatly to this, which. As reflected in the free opportunity seekers email addresses detailed and accurate global fashion drivers 2017 report. Prepared by modaes.Es and Desigual. Is used regularly by 91% of retail companies together with analytical tools of website traffic. Thanks to it, today it is possible to know the customer journey in detail. To know which products customers see, which ones generate the most interest, which ones they buy, and when.

Addition and in Particular the Big Names in Fashion

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If you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. It would translate into programmatic advertising because if. You advertiser, do not impact with the right advertising. At the right time, better not do it, because you will only be able to waste your digital marketing budget. Since it will offer me, as a consumer, something that I do not want. And if I have doubts in later purchases. I will opt for the brand that offers me messages related to my tastes and needs at that time. And not for the one that crosses the line of intrusive advertising.

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