In conclusion, I want to cold pitch someone who speaks my language. However, “Freelancers: Don’t apply online. Moreover, Connect with real decision-makers to land more deals. Therefore, CLICK TO TWEET As a content marketer (or freelance writer), my ideal point of contact at a potential client company usually has one of these job titles. Senegal Phone Number List Director of Content Senegal Phone Number List Marketing Content Marketing Lead Senior Content Marketing Manager Director of Marketing Blog Manager/Editor VP of Content Marketing You Senegal Phone Number List want to go for a manager-level point of contact. The type of person who will have a say in hiring contractors for your discipline. If you’re a freelance designer, you’ll probably be looking to connect with a creative director.

 Make Your Ask Incredibly Clear

If you’re a freelance developer, your ideal point of Senegal Phone Number List. Contact will likely be a director of engineering. Sometimes. If you can’t find a manager point of contact, make an initial (genuine) connection. With someone who’s a staff writer—or designer, engineer—can lead to an introduction up the chain.  To their manager, if you’re able to Senegal Phone Number List provide a significant amount of value in your cold email outreach.

What’s important is that you skip the application, and go for connecting directly with real people. Using Senegal Phone Number List LinkedIn to find your ideal point of contact. Open up a new tab and head over to LinkedIn. In the main search bar, type in the title of the position you want to connect with.

Preparing To deliver Your Pitch

Choose to display results for people with Senegal Phone Number List that job title or skill. In conclusion,  you can filter those results by people only with that job or skill at the company you’re targeting by typing in that company’s name within the current company field. Now, your results will be hyper-specific. If I want to land Trello as a content marketing client, my search would look like this: How to Write Cold Email for Freelancers Finding Client on Senegal Phone Number List LinkedIn copy Naturally, this works best for companies within a certain size range. If they’re on the smaller side,

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