For years, I’ve been asked how we track our sales, our advertising campaigns, software download numbers, and other important ecommerce statistics. After all, generating and tracking traffic to your website is Estonia Phone Number but what really matters is how much sales the traffic generates and where it comes from. With more and more businesses striving to be profitable lately, knowing exactly where you are making money and where you are not making money is critical.

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For example, if you spent $2,000 on a banner ad campaign that brought you 3,000 visitors, should you renew? First, you have to know if you made $2000 back and if you made a profit. Most ad services will tell you Estonia Phone Number many visitors they send you, but few will tell you how much money you’ve made from your campaigns. Every marketing campaign, whether generating visitors from search engines, banner ads, third-party links, emails, etc., will have a different sales conversion rate.

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For example, visitors to your website from search engines are more. Likely to make a purchase than visitors from most other sources. This is because people searching are actively looking for your product. Or Estonia Phone Number they are more likely to make a purchase when they arrive. The number of sales you generate can also vary widely for each keyword. Ideally you should focus most of your energy there by making better use. Your time by only identifying the keywords that generate the most sales. You could spend hours getting top positions for keywords that rarely generate sales. Other keywords that you consider relatively unimportant may actually have high conversion rates.

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