Almost like a plague worthy of a literary work or a Hollywood blockbuster. One of those in which the earth is suddenly filled with some bug that does not make the inhabitants of the area very happy. Emoticons have appeared a few years ago and have stormed the net. They are everywhere and are used by everyone. It is almost impossible not to find them in any personal conversation that takes place online. As if a smiling face or one that is not so smiling had become necessary and obligatory. Paratextual element to convey what is meant. At the same time, companies have fully entered into ’emoji mania. As it is a way of telling consumers that they are modern and know what things are about and also a way to connect with them in a more direct way.

Perhaps Between One Thing and Another Certain Borders Have Been

But perhaps between one thing and another certain. Borders have been crossed and the passion for emoticons has become a kind of use and abuse. Companies and brands have launched their own collections of emoticons. Which consumers could use at will they have begun to create emoji search engines. In which one can request, for example, hotels simply by Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists putting a smiley face. And they have started posting emoticons in all their messages. The fever of the emoticon has also been touching each and every one of the possible suits and has been spreading. Conquering everything. Newsletters already include emoticons in the subjects. To turn them into something much more clickable, the emojis themselves have left the. Online world to launch themselves to conquer the offline world. They have appeared on product packaging, in stores, or even in interaction spaces.

Anyone who has recently been to a Spanish airport

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But of course, the use and abuse of something end up having a direct effect. How it is perceived by those who are using it. When something begins to be even in the soup. An effect of tiredness and saturation begins to take place and it is quite likely. That this is what has begun to happen with emoticons. A study from last summer pointed out that in 12 months the use of emoticons by companies had grown by 600%. Even then, those responsible for the study warned that brands should not cross certain lines. Because an interesting percentage of consumers considered them inappropriate and childish. If you add to that the fact that millennials and members of generation z are, teenagers. Are especially critical of brands and companies that want to be modern and do not do it well, you can have the complete picture.

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