One of the common complaints from consumers is that they receive too many emails. They have subscribed to too many newsletters. They have bought in too many online stores that now send them their offers or they are in too many databases. Which mean that they now always receive messages and more messages. Analysts keep repeating that, given that consumers. Are quite tired of email and that there are alternatives for communication that are increasingly used. It is quite possible that the future of email is not very encouraging. But is email really mortally wounded?

What Will Help Drive Email Usage Even Higher? On the One Hand

The future of mail is also quite solid. In the next few years, the number of mail users will continue to grow and a very interesting figure will be reached in total numbers. By the end of 2020, 2.9 billion users will have an email account, covering a third of Panama B2B List the world’s population. On the one hand, consumers will increase their number of accounts. The  current ratio is an average of 1.7 accounts per person, which will become 1.9 accounts per user in 2020. On the other hand, the business world is still very dependent on email and it continues to have a great presence. In the corporate environment, an email will grow at a rate of 3% over the next four years and, despite all the alternatives.

What This Means for Marketing This Data Is Very Interesting

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This data is very interesting not only to understand how consumers connect and how they. Continue to receive information but also to understand how they will continue to do so and the path. That brands must follow to connect with them. Thus, although in recent years there have been many who have already wanted to put. A burial date on email and with it email marketing. The truth is that it is not destined to disappear because consumers continue to use email. To this we must add that different studies have been pointing out in recent times. That brands continue to consider email marketing as one of the tools that allows them to achieve the best results in roi.

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